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Madness Project Nexus: Sprite Pack: Very Soon

2012-05-05 19:42:58 by Kerd

Yes, i making one for my friend XxJ0K3RxX10 (Fucking rare name), but also, maybe, push the link of download here. But really i dont know where uploads my sprite pack, because megaupload its dead...

Well, remember that...

Coming Soon...


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2012-05-05 22:40:05

Hey, Kerd, I know this website where you can upload Madness sprites to. It's called Madness Resources by Nez Man. Just search Madness resources, sign up and upload files. Speaking of files, can you not only upload the Nexus sprites there but also the 7.5 and Incident:001a and 011a sprites as well?

(Updated ) Kerd responds:

I have the sprites of Incident 010A, the madness day 2011 animation of krinkels, the 7.5 too, but 011A I dont have nothing, maybe i upload that Sprite packs.

EDIT: Hey. In that website there is one of my sprite packs: allmadnesssprites.fla


2012-06-09 02:15:56

You can upload it to Media Fire
Heh.....I have a rare name


2012-06-13 08:03:24

When I went to Nez Man to download Project Nexus Sprite Pack
It wouldn't work on Macromedia


2012-10-30 03:43:13

So, when is out?


2013-03-09 07:17:10

I can't open it on Macromedia Flash 8 please will Nez Man fix that file.


2014-02-19 06:31:26

Hey man, i recently obtained your Allmadnessprites pack, and i must say it's awesome :D, very organized and alota old sprites contained in it to, if you still decide to make more, i'm awaiting their download :D